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Real Talk with Kimberle Crenshaw

So very fortunate today to find out Professor Crenshaw would be speaking on "30 Years of Theorizing Justice: Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, and Contemporary Challenges." She spoke to a packed house--400 on the waiting list! It was amazing to see so many people of color in the audience. I got to ask her the last question---what advice do you have for women of color, often the 'only' minorities on their faculty, who do the invisible labor of supporting students of color, yet when they speak out are perceived as 'angry' or a 'problem?' The numbers of Black, minority, ethnic women of color who are professors in the UK is appalling--under 300 for the entire country--and I thought we had bad in the U.S. I got to chat with her about how her theories are used in art education and sent her an email with a link to Amy Kraehe, Steve Carpenter, Ruben Gaztambide- Fernandez.

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