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Panel Presentation at Sweet Briar College (SBC)

Just 2 days after arriving at VCCA, myself and two other truly amazing artists, Caitlyn Cass (cartoons/graphic novels) and Sam Modder (monumental ink pen drawings--Black Imaginary) were invited to give a talk about our art practice to an experimental summer class of SBC alums on art and the book---each of us uses story/text in our work in some way. It was a wonderful event moderated by SBC Galleries Director Clare van Loenen, a UK transplant. In the audience was art history professor Tracy Hamilton a former colleague from Virginia Commonwealth University--such a small world. After a delicious lunch catered by the same company the provides the food at VCCA, Clare gave us a tour of the galleries.

From left to right: Dr. Robert "Quill" Camp, Caitlyn Cass, Clare van Loenen, Sam Modder & me.

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