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Old City--Trois-Rivieres

Even though French colonists first settled in Trois-Rivieres in 1634, very few of the original old buildings still exist. Pretty much all of the old city that remains is situated on Rue des Ursulines---where the Ursuline Monastery is located. An Ursuline nun founded the order in Quebec City and a monastery was built here in 1697. It was a fascinating tour. The monastery stopped taking novitiates some time ago and those that remain retired to a home in 2019. About 20 women with the youngest aged 80-86 years old!. Adjacent to the monastery is the Anglican church of St. James---with lovely modern sculptures in niches. It's currently closed for restoration. I also stopped by the POP Museum and Old Jail. I wasn't that impressed with this cultural museum --the best exhibit was on circus performer which is apparently a big thing in Quebec--there was nothing about the indigenous population. Unfortunately the jail was closed. Supposedly one can stay overnight in the jail and be fed breakfast in the morning and get a T-shirt that says you spent the night in jail. My last stop was to see the amphitheater, a very modern building over looking the St. Lawrence River. Overall, I really enjoyed being outside and exploring more of the city.

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