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Leaving an Impression

In my office there's a lovely little list of names of previous scholars to occupy the space (see below). I've been thinking about how I want to document my presence there. As an artist, it didn't take long to decide to make a print as a way of leaving an 'impression.' Despite my research project involving learning through and with altered book making--as a printmaker I wanted to create a small woodcut. Unfortunately I had way too much stuff to bring my tools here in my suitcase---so I went to the Edinburgh Art Shop close to the Edinburgh College of art. Like many art stores their printmaking supplies were limited, but I was able to buy a piece of MDF ( medium density fiberboard). I've never used it before. I prefer solid wood blocks and certain plywoods like Shina. BUT, I ordered some Swiss made cutting tools (Pfeil) from London (they came in 2 days!) and here's my start. The great thing about prints of course is that they are multiples, so I can give some to my supporters here, as well as leave a framed print in my office---Pamelaspress was here!

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