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Inspirational Move

On September 19, 2018, in preparation for Tate Exchange 2019, Movement, Exchange Associates had an inspirational meeting with social practice artist Tania Bruguera, Tate's Turbine Hall commissioned artist. Tania led associates in a workshop on community and social justice. She challenged us to find ways of working that are not about agreement, but complexity and conflict--not fitting in to fit in---particularly as with the Tate Exchange space you don't know who in the community will show up to participate, be comfortable with discomfort--it's how we grow. It was awesome to meet her in person and other Tate Associates to learn more about the Exchange program and how my proposal, Artstories@Tate: Past to Present, Present to Future, using time as a metaphor for movement, will play out. Tania asked us to think of art as a 'proposal,' something that cannot be perceived until it happens; art should be used, not just experienced or seen. It was very inspiring to meet her and experience her process. Tania's commissioned piece connected to the Movement theme references the global migration crisis and the impact of Brexit and U.S. immigration policies.

Me and Tania at the Tate Exchange Associates Day Workshop

Installation Video

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