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Finding Myself in the UK

Since I was a small child I've been so fascinated by the people, places and things around me that I'm continually staring at my surroundings without often being aware of where I'm walking---or even who may be talking to me. My mind is constantly curating these visual experiences and thinking about how to respond to them as an artist. Once I established a few walking routes for the places I needed to be in Edinburgh I began looking around ---even at the ground where I noticed a variety of very interesting ironwork covers. I know that artists have been making rubbings and even prints of street covers for some time. However what struck me was ironwork covers bearing the name "Pam" with the symbol of a building. So I began a sleuthing game to see how many 'Pam's " I could find in Edinburgh. At first I wanted to make rubbings of them, but these were not as successful and I knew that using a paint roller on them to make a print would yield "map" instead of 'Pam'---and interesting concept as I 'mapped' how many 'Pam's' I could find. But I decided instead to take photographs that I can then create silkscreen prints of (my next project). When we went to London for a week for my Tate Exchange project I noticed 'Pams' there as well all along the Bankside area near the Tate Modern and took photos of them as well. During the last week of July, just on the heels of the Tate project I visited Belfast, Northern Ireland to present at a conference and noticed 'Pam's' there as well. Here are some of the pictures I took that I plan to create silkscreens of. My favorites were "Pam Warrior" and there were a few with the letters F H on them---my dad's name was Frank Harris. I found this all too ironic not to make art about.

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