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Edinburgh Eats

Eric and I had our first meal at Maki and Ramen, a noodle shop. There are lots of food choices here--ethnic and vegetarian among them. On day two we went to the City Cafe--a UK version of an American diner--pretty close to food from home. It was packed! We waited 20 minutes and had the UK version of an American breakfast--French toast! The next day we tried the UK 'small breakfast' at Babylon Cafe---toast, potato scone, scrambled eggs, beans, hash browns, sausage, bacon (ham) and black pudding (blood pudding)--needless to say, neither of us ate the black pudding! The best spot we've found so far (after just 4 days) was the Southpour Restaurant--very close to the university. I had tea--here they serve you a pot with lumps (sugar) and milk. I also had a scrumptious butternut squash and ginger soup and a small salmon/avacado salad. Salmon is so cheap here! Eric had a steak sub--made with real sliced steak. Yum

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