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Cutting it Close

One of my biggest fears in coming to Scotland

was finding someone to cut my hair. Yikes--I've lived in Richmond for 4 years and still drive home to Maryland to have my favorite barber--Ms. Darlina, a highly talented Filipino hairdresser---cut my hair. I've yet to test out any barbers in Richmond--and there are plenty of Black barbershops there. Eric I and happened to get on the wrong bus about a month ago and I happened to notice a barbershop advertising haircuts for women, kids, men, and Africans! There was even a picture of Will Smith in the window. Can't go wrong with that, right? I usually get a haircut every 6 weeks, so I'd had it, Eric and I were both overdue for a haircut---so we headed over to Afrin's (who knew getting on the wrong bus would be so advantageous). As it turns out---the owner is from Kurdistan---very nice person who did a great job on my hair--but not one African was in the place, unless you count us Lawtons. He mentioned that he's opening another shop next week, a few doors down that will be run by African women and a variety of hair and cosmetic services will be available.

Unfortunately in this photo Will Smith's image is blurred

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