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Borealis Museum--Trois-Rivieres

On our last full day in Trois-Rivieres we visited the Borealis Museum housed in the filtration building of the former Canadian International Paper plant. At one time this plant was the largest in the world. Trois-Rivieres situated at the confluence of the St. Maurice and St. Lawrence Rivers and Quebec's large boreal forest of black spruce trees made it an ideal site for paper making. Unfortunately the paper pulp industry is not only unsustainable because of the large number of trees required, but smelly, dangerous work that pollutes the water. This particular plant was so successful because the trees lumberjacks cut from the boreal forest in the upper eastern part of Quebec could be floated down the St. Maurice River directly to the paper making plant. Talk about a logjam! Today this area has been gentrified. Along with the museum which tells the stories of the workers in their own voices, exhibits some of the machinery, tools and personal effects of the workers over a 80 year period, there is a lovely amphitheater, a yacht club, bike and walking paths, and luxury condos currently under construction. As an artist and printmaker I'm all about paper so it was interesting to tour this museum on our last day. There's even an education room where visitors can make their own

paper to take home.

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