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Artstories: In Their Own Words

This project, ten years in the making, involved interviewing my artist-educator mentors. I asked them: How they achieved balance between their roles as artist, teacher, and researcher? How did they incorporate their personal art making interests and experiences into teaching and classroom/community research? How do they think art teachers are perceived as makers of art? And, what advice they would give to a new art teacher. My goal is to use these interviews in my own teaching, providing pre-service art educators with a multiplicity of voices and perspectives on living a holistic life. Below is a clip from the interview with my elementary art teacher, Lilian Thomas Burwell.

The second part of the project, involves creating woodcut portraits of my mentors. Each portrait measures 18"x 24." I used Shino plywood and stills from the videos to create the portraits. Each portrait includes a background, or wall paper that in some way symbolizes the subject's character, ethnicity, and/or personality. Color choices were also carefully considered. For example red-orange for a feisty personality. I hope to exhibit the portraits alongside the interviews. I have two left to complete!

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